I am proud to be an insurance agent under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Chandramani Behera, Development Officer, LIC of India. My guru, friend & philosopher, who changed my life from ZERO to HERO. I started my LIC agency career under Mr. Chandramani Behera – ‘LIC Mentor Team’ in the year 1995. Only because of his continues guidance, training, monitoring and motivation, I could complete M.D.R.T & achieved almost all my goals (till date) in my life. Continuous learning & Implementation without any second thought is secret of my
success. I am satisfied taking LIC Agency as a career. I am earning Rs. 12 Lakhs per annum. Your effort to earn more money may help you in reaching any heights and sky is the limit.

Proud to be a member of ‘LIC Mentor Team’. I will be always thankful to Mr. Chandramani Behera sir for enhancing my life.